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2021 Lantern Festival Gala 元宵节联欢晚会



传统新年到来之际,新墨西哥华裔工程师和科学家协会(ACES-NM计划筹备zoom在线形式的元宵节联欢晚会。时间定于2021年2月27日晚7点到8点30分。现面向本地各界人士征集节目(5-10分钟录像形式)。希望带给大家一个轻松欢乐的一个多小时,驱散2020年的阴霾,喜迎2021年!节目内容不限,但会有简单的审核过程。初定于2月6日确定节目清单,给报名者确切回复。希望大家踊跃报名,用你的才艺分享传播欢乐给大家。有意者点击下面的链接填写表格参与报名。视频分辨率720p及以上,可以google drive分享到 谢谢支持!

2020 Asian American Students Award

The Asian-American population is one of the fastest growing demographic in New Mexico, now accounting for around 5% of the population. The mission of the Chinese Institute of Engineer (CIE/USA) – New Mexico Chapter (also known as Association of Chinese American Engineers and Scientists of New Mexico (ACES-NM)) Young Asian American Student Award Program is to outstanding Asian American high school students living within our local chapter area who demonstrate excellent academic achievements, leadership in community service, global awareness and professional development. The program challenges and encourages the applicants to reach the highest standards of career development and lifetime achievement.

CIE/USA-NM is now soliciting nominations for the annual Young Asian American Student Award. Three to five awardees will be selected, and each recipient will be recognized and presented a $250 award at the annual CIE/USA-NM Annual Meeting in December 2020.

Eligibility: The application is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents with Asian heritage currently enrolled in 10th to 12th grade at greater Albuquerque area high schools, excluding those who have received this award previously.

Evaluation: The evaluation committee consists of current CIE/USA-NM Board members and local Asian-American community leaders, excluding those with children who are applicants.

Submission Guidelines: Online application is available from October 1st, 2020 until November 8, 2020. Please submit your application at CIE/USA-NM Website by clicking here  (or   The awardee will be notified by November 23, 2020.

Additionally, To complete the application, the following documents in a single PDF file must be uploaded through the application Website. Incomplete application will not be considered.

1.      Official high school transcript
2.       Personal Statement
3.       Resume
4.       A letter of support from either a teacher or a community leader familiar with the student’s achievements and activities

Bo Song, CIE/USA-NM President

Inspiring Feedback

Melinda Modisette is a student awardee of 2019. Here is what she did with her award, which is very inspiring.


         My name is Melinda Modisette and I am going to be a senior at Albuquerque Academy this year. I received the Young Asian-American Student Award in December 2019 and I wanted to express my appreciation for the award as well as show you how the money was used.

This award became the starting point of a wonderful project that I never would have even thought about and it has taught my colleagues and me skills for life. The project that I started is called the Cross-Cultural Art Exchange, where six Albuquerque, USA, art students and six Lanzhou, China, art students get together to every two weeks to talk about culture while also creating twelve half Lanzhou and half Albuquerque art pieces. I started this project because with the news constantly forecasting about how divided the world had become, I wanted to help my community realize it is the differences between people that can come together to create something beautiful. We meet up every two weeks over the app WeChat to talk about the experiences we are having in our own lives and relating it to/comparing it against the other culture. In the first half of the year, starting in October of 2019, each student in Albuquerque and Lanzhou created their own half of an art piece with the overarching theme of the mixing of cultures. In February of 2020, the half pieces were mailed from China and the United States to the United States and China, respectively. However, due to COVID-19, the Albuquerque package was delayed in transit for over two months. But by mid-April, everyone was ready to complete the other half of the art piece. Each student picked the piece that most inspired them and came up with an idea to complete the other half. We are currently still completing the pieces because of the delays due to online schooling and testing between the two countries. We plan to have our pieces finished by August 8th, 2020.

I have created a website detailing all of our experiences with this project and the information and skills that we have learned. The website is called MELGAL and you can find it at MELGAL. The website includes a project synopsis, a timeline, a gallery, and all the information and lessons we learned. Feel free to take a look at it under the page: Cross-Cultural Art Exchange. The award money went into mailing the packages, buying art supplies, and creating a website on WordPress.

This award has started an amazing project that allowed twelve students to gain incredible experiences, learn how to communicate with each other across boundaries, and create lasting connections with people from over 7,000 miles away. On behalf of the whole Cross-Cultural Art project team, I thank you very much for this award and everything it has led to.

With utmost gratitude,
Melinda Modisette