Pendchu Zhang’s speech at the Assembly of Ending Asian Hate Assembly, Albuquerque, NM, March 28 2021

My name is Pengchu Zhang and the president of Association of America-Chinese Engineers and Scientists, New Mexico.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you attending today’s event, here and online. Thanks to the Mayor, the city councilors and city officers to have this conference to raise the awareness of Asian Hate to our city citizens.

Most members in our organization have enjoyed the diverse culture of Albuquerque and New Mexico.

We are conducting research, education, production, medical services in every research facility, manufactures, universities and hospitals in the city. We appreciate the quality life the city provides and at the same time, we contribute to the city’s prosperous and growth. As the members of this community, we determine to do our best to make Albuquerque more diverse, open and more welcome to anyone who come here, working and raising family.

We wish Albuquerque is a race fear free community, but we need work more on this. Let me tell you my personal experience, I had a hire cut appointment just right after the Atlantic City mascara, my hairdresser came from the Korea many years ago. When I arrived at her barber shop, there was a sign said it is closed. I checked my calendar, the app was right but why it was
close. I stepped out my car and approached the barber shop. She came out behind the window carton and opened the door for me. She told me that she was afraid something may happen to her and her shop. The sign “walking in welcome’ has been removed.

Any citizen at Albuquerque should not have such a fear just because her/his race. We would call all people in the City to be aware of such things happen, happening close to us. Please join us to do everything possible to end the hate, discrimination and violence in our city.