Stop Asian Hate Assembly

City of Albuquerque held an Assembly in the theme of Ending Asian Hate, Discrimination and Violence in the Civic Plaza on 1:00, March 28, 2021. City Councilor Lan Sena, a Vietnamese descendant, organized this event. City Mayor, Attorney in General, APD, APS and a number of elected officers made speeches in condemning the violence and hate against Asian Americans. Leaders of local Asian organizations, including Pengchu Zhang, current president of ACES-NM, were invited to give speeches on the assembly. This event was online at real time and reported by major medias in the evening news.

We estimate that 25-30 of ACSE-NM members attended the assembly. ACES-NM T-shirts wearied by members made our organization much visible over the assembly. Again, our members, signs and speaker showed in the news report. A good turn-out considering the pandemic and current State regulations. Albuquerque Police Department approached to us, invited us to join its outreach program – the APD Ambassadors to help make Albuquerque safer to all people including Asian.

The board members had only two days to prepare for participating: printing T-shirts, making sign, contacting with city councilors and other Asian groups, distributing information… Many thanks to the board members and ACES volunteers, their efforts made our participation successful.